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Weight Loss Coach

April 13, 2017

Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution coaches must help motivate members and facilitate our weight loss program. Compassion is a must for this position.  Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution exists to teach you a lifestyle so you’ll never need to lose weight again.  The Thin & Healthy program focuses on 3 core areas which include: Motivation, Movement, and Healthy Food Education.


  • Adhere to all company fundamentals
  • Attend all mandatory meetings and training
  • Dress professionally according to Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution® guidelines
  • Demonstrate Core Values and memorize Vision, Mission, Purpose


  • Be positive, cheerful, and motivating to member and staff.
  • Have knowledge about all classes offered at the facility.
  • Daily cleaning duties. (Sweep, dust, keep restroom cleaned and stocked.)
  • Decorate center at appropriate times.
  • Memorize and understand phone scripts and know how to handle objections.
  • Educate and motivate member to stay active.
  • Service members according to Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution® guidelines.
  • Perform any odd jobs that need done.
  • Fill out pre-qualification forms for our 20/30 FastTrack Program.
  • Talk goal weight, goal date, and reason with every weigh-in.
  • Help with check-ins if needed.
  • Administer weight loss program individually with members.


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